Development of PopDev Modules for CEAP Institutions

Code:    06-060
Date:    07/15/2006 - 03/15/2008

The project aimed to institutionalize the instruction of population and development, human sexuality and related topics in the formal educational system of CEAP (Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines) member schools.  This is in response to the clamor articulated in the series of popdev symposia conducted by the USC-OPS, with funding from PCPD.

Specifically, the project developed popdev teaching modules for the elementary, high school and collegiate levels in the context of Catholic spirituality.  These will be pilot tested in selected schools for one school year. After the pilot test period, OPS will negotiate for its full integration in the curricula of the various CEAP member schools.

Among its outputs were: (1) popdev modules developed for the elementary, high school and collegiate levels, (2) a report on the results of the pilot test of the modules, and (3) a decision by the CEAP to use the modules as part of the curriculum of member schools

This project is a model of popdev integration in the formal educational system, particularly among Catholic schools.  It will not only promote a better understanding of popdev concepts among students and teachers, but will also contribute to a deepening of our partnership with the Catholic constituency.