Defining the Contribution of NGOs to the Responsible Parenthood Component of the Philippine Population Program

Code:    Proj-467
Date:    01/01/1990 - 03/01/1991
Duration: 3 Months

This project provided technical assistance to the Department of Health (DOH) in preparing its Five-Year Family Planning Program (1990-1994). Specifically, PCF was tasked with: (1) receiving and packaging proposals from the NGO sector for which funds had not been earmarked; and (2) recommending a mechanism for accepting and evaluating future NGO proposals for DOH funding. PCF reviewed and packaged 56 projects from 20 NGOs nationwide. These projects were scheduled for implementation in 1990-1994, and have an aggregate cost of P694.5 million. PCF also submitted a proposed mechanism for processing future proposals from NGOs; this was prepared by the Philippine NGO Council.