Database Monitoring for Effective Population, Health and Environment Program and Service Delivery (E-PHE)

Code:    08-083
Date:    09/15/2008 - 03/15/2010

The project aims to improve LGU planning, programming, budgeting, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation through the establishment of database and monitoring system using PHE (population, health and environment) framework.  Such system will hopefully enable the underserved sectors/vulnerable groups to have access to basic development services and projects in 9 municipalities (Ajuy, Balasan, Batad, Carles, Concepcion, Estancia, Lemery, San Dionisio and Sara) in Iloilo Province. These 4th and 5th class municipalities are the project areas or the Inter-Local Health Zone of the Alliance of Northern Iloilo for Health and Development (ANIHEAD), the cooperating agency for this proposed project.

E-HEALTH will be implemented in three phases, namely:  harmonization and installation of PHE database, scaling up of PHE delivery system, and sustaining the PHE program.

The major outputs of the project are: (1) Defined PHE frameworks, strategies, systems, specific thrusts and direction of ANIHEAD; (2) Enhanced knowledge, attitude and skills (KAS)/competence and understanding of partners/volunteers in the health sector on E-health and health governance; (3) Updated PHE plan and installed database monitoring system in the project areas; (4) Participatory process promoted in planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring; (5) Organized and strengthened Local Health Boards and responsible health service delivery to target clients; and (6) Advocated and popularized the project in other areas/local health zones in the province.

The database monitoring system on PHE concern is a much-needed tool for effective planning and informed and quality decision making at the local level.  PCPD encourages testing of models such as this one that provides opportunity for collaborative work with LGUs and NGO alliances on the ground in advancing PopDev.

The installation of the database monitoring system will ensure the participation of the citizens in the identification and prioritization of their development needs.  Subsequently, they can keep track of the progress of the project and the flow of funds much more easily.  Citizen’s engagement in public affairs will be enhanced.