"Dare to Ask" School Symposia on Teen Issues on Health, Sexuality, Population and Development

Code:    12-120
Date:    04/01/2012 - 01/31/2013
Duration: 10 months

Through a series of symposia to be held in five universities in Metro Manila which cater to students for lower socioeconomic class, the project will create the venue for enlightened discussion on health, sexuality, population and development issues affecting young people. At least 5000 young people will be reached. The students will also be connected to the social networking sites of www.teenfad.phand www.mulatpinoy.phas credible sources of information on adolescent health, sexuality and popdev for questions that cannot be addressed in the forum and to encourage more discussion on such topics. The project will also engage the administrations of the various schools to address health, sexuality and popdev issues in their curriculum and services for students. Specifically, the use of the popdeved modules will be offered. This can serve as a test case for the use of the material in the tertiary level.