Continued Technical Assistance to TANGLAW, the Maquiapo Farmers

Code:    Proj-465
Date:    04/01/1988 - 12/01/1995
Duration: 92 Months

The project empowered TANGLAW and five other peoples organizations in Guagua, Pampanga, and made them self-reliant. Specifically, PCPD assisted in: (1) Setting up management, financial and reporting systems and procedures for the smooth operations of income-generating projects; (2) Providing opportunities such as projects and trainings to strengthen the organization and its individual members; (3) Establishing a system of representation and consultation at the municipal level for continued dialogues with the LGU; (4) Forging ongoing linkages with government and non-governmental organizations for technical and other forms of support. Community development through the organization of the community members was the strategy used in empowering the six peoples organizations in Guagua. These organizations included two womens groups, namely, TANGLAW and TALA, the Maquiapo Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, the ULIRAN Neighborhood Association, the United Peoples Organization (UPO) and the KISLAP Organization. Through trainings and other capability-building activities, community members learned to do things for themselves. As such, they became empowered to respond to their individual needs and to the concerns and needs of their communities. Members of these organizations were proud to accomplish several projects. These included: the construction of deep wells, canals and toilets for individual houses, road upgrading and riprapping to hold lahar flow at bay, upgrading and improvement of houses in lahar-affected areas, installation of street lights along and within the community, and construction of wooden bridge linking an island community to the town proper. Members were also engaged in income generating projects that eliminated their dependence on the doleout system. These included rice retailing, "aligue" (crab eggs) making, "chicharon" (pork skin) making, "atchara" (shredded green papaya) making and an LPG distribution outlet.