Consultative Workshop on the Development of Implementing Guidelines for Family Planning (FP) Services

Code:    Proj-448
Date:    06/01/1989
Duration: 1 Month

This 12-day workshop explained the policy basis/thrusts of the National Population Program, its conceptual framework and salient features of the Five-Year Plan of the FP program. Held in June1989, the workshop was attended by 89 representatives from government and nongovernment organizations. By the end of the workshop, the participants had come up with: the guidelines for the implementation of the FP program by component; a clear definition of the roles and functions of participating agencies; schemes on the flow of funds, logistics and reports for each program component; and initial recommendations on the outreach program. PCF provided technical assistance in the design, planning and conduct of the workshop, including the documentation of proceedings and production of prototype copies of the draft guidelines.