Care to Teach: Training NSTP Educators of Five FAD Partner Universities on Adolescent Reproductive Health Using and Promoting the PCPD Population & Development Education Teaching Manual: A Pilot Phase

Code:    14-139
Date:    01/01/2014 - 03/31/2015
Duration: 1 year, 2 months, 28 days

FAD implemented a 10-month project funded by PCPD called the “Dare to Ask Series,” school symposiums on teen issues on health, sexuality, and popdev in five (5) different universities in Metro Manila. The "Care to Teach" project, on the other hand, is a natural sucessor to it that aims to capacitate NSTP-CWTS educators as an institutional response at the university level to continue to provide appropriate and preventive information to college students in a sustainable way. This will be done through the formation of educators who are knowledgeable and confident in talking to adolescents about sexual and reproductive health.