Baseline Study Toward Developing Appropriate Strategies for Health-Seeking Behavior Change of Uneducated and Poor Women of Reproductive Age in Payatas B, Quezon City

Code:    12-126
Date:    09/16/2012 - 03/15/2013
Duration: 5 months, 27 days


This project hopes to improve the health-seeking behavior and access to needed reproductive health information and services of Payatas B's poor, uneducated women and youth. This will be done through the conduct and publication of a baseline survey involving 10 percent of the households in the area. With empirical information, better programs can be designed for the target clientele.


The baseline survey shall establish the following: socio-demographic profile of WRAs, existing health-seeking behavior among WRAs; perspectives and knowledge on RH-related matters like family planning and contraception, maternal health, maternal mortality, adolescent pregnancy; accessed RH services and sources of such; and experienced RH-related problems.