ARH Center: A Place To Be - The BCYA Experience

Code:    07-069
Date:    04/01/2007 - 09/30/2007

Among the primary target clients of PCPD are young people because of their potential to contribute to the slowing down of population momentum.

In Baguio City, the Baguio Center for Young Adults (BCYA) documented its 22 years of experience and unique approaches to adolescent sexuality and reproductive health (ASRH).  Among the notable youth development practices highlighted in the manuscript (in CD format) are the use of the life skills approach, peer-education volunteer approach, and the establishment of teen health quarters with ASRH education and medical services.  Its over two decades of experience on ASRH were shared with local organizations and schools in Baguio to widen the avenues for delivery of services for young people.  Through this, the Center was able to network and share resources with referral agencies for ARH services in government agencies, NGOs, medical clinics and schools.  

BCYA envisions that when more groups replicate its best practices, more youth centers will be established in Baguio, as well as in other places in the country.