A Summative Evaluation of PopDevEd: Population and Development Education Teaching Modules for Catholic Schools

Code:    10-097
Date:    09/01/2010 - 06/30/2011

This project is a summative evaluation of the use of the Population and Development Education teaching modules for Catholic schools developed by the Office of Population Studies of the University of San Carlos. It addresses the need for research-based evidence on the use of these modules in the actual teaching situation and compares the knowledge and attitudes of elementary and high school teachers on popdev before and after being trained in its use. Changes in knowledge and attitudes among a sample of students will also be undertaken.

The evaluation will be conducted in the eight pilot schools. Control schools in the same areas will also be chosen for this study.  

The project will deliver a research report on the pilot test of the POPDEVED modules.

It contributes to PCPD's goal because the project will establish scientific evidence on the use of the modules in the pilot schools. This can become the basis for enhancement of the modules or teacher training in the future. The findings can also serve as a promotional material to encourage wider use of the modules.