A Sponsorship Program for the Training on Adolescent Health and Development for the Asia-Pacific Region

Code:    Proj-475
Date:    05/16/1990 - 07/31/1990
Duration: 2 Months

"Reaching Out to the Adolescent" was the fourth in a series of international training programs on adolescent health and development, organized and conducted by PCF. It was intended for policymakers, program managers and direct service providers of youth-related programs and projects in the Asia-Pacific Region. The program was on a tuition-fee basis. Ten participants attended the program, which was held from July 2 to 13, 1990. The training program consisted of five modules: (1) Helping Adolescents: How Do I Fit In?; (2) Young People's Health Education; (3) Strategies for Reaching Out to the Young; (4) Advocacy for Young People's Health; and (5) Action Planning. Overall, the program was designed to improve and upgrade the information base of the participating youth workers regarding adolescent health/sexuality education and to improve their skills in managing adolescent problems.