A Self-Instruction Project on Comprehensive Family Planning Services for Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Code:    Proj-37
Date:    01/01/1976 - 12/01/1976
Duration: 12 Months

The project was launched to (a) test the feasibility of using self-instructional materials for the training of doctors, nurses, and midwives in family planning and (b) assess the effects of programmed learning and explore some factors associated with learning gains. The project involved two phases, namely, the production of self-instructional materials, and field-testing and evaluation of their affectiveness. Findings indicated favorable trainee attitudes towards the modules. Highly significant learning gains were revealed in all three modules. Trainees suggested, however, that self-instruction is best integrated in a training program when used along with supplementary lectures and group discussions. Self-instruction was proven to be acceptable and workable in the training of doctors, nurses, and midwives in the Philippine setting. However, there was still a need to revise these materials. There was also a need to further investigate the effectiveness of self-instruction not only as a supportive method in family planning training programs but as self-instructional in the strictest sense - that is, as a substitute for training.