A Public Affairs Package for the Commission on Population

Code:    Proj-287
Date:    08/01/1982 - 12/01/1982
Duration: 4 Months

This project aimed to help orient community and Program influentials of the NCR on the role of population in the development of the area through the development and production of brochures, posters, and slide-and-tape presentations (STPs). The Foundation developed and produced for POPCOM-NCR 1,000 brochures, 1,000 posters, and one STP. These materials were intended to complement the series of orientations and briefings POPCOM-NCR held for community and Program influentials of Metro Manila, like regional and local government officials, policymakers and urban planners, civic and business leaders, amd media, and education leaders. All materials revolved around the theme "Population and Development: the Metropolitan Perspective." The 20-page brochure contained the latest information on how population was interrelated with other components of development, like housing and land use, employment, education, health and nutrition, energy, water supply, transfortation, environment and sanitation, and peace and order. It showed how the Philippine Population Program can help Metro Manila attain maximum welfare for all its residents. The poster presented a simple explanation of the various aspects of development and how these relate to population. The 20-minute STP served mainly as a springboard for discussion during the orientation sessions conducted by Program personnel. The brochure was distributed as reference material or aid to recall the message. Copies of the poster were set up in strategic places such as barangay halls, government buildings and offices, and town plazas.