A Multi-Media Campaign for Young People

Code:    Proj-434
Date:    07/01/1987 - 07/01/1990
Duration: 36 Months

The project disseminated responsible sexual behavior messages to Filipino teenagers and young adults, aged 12-24 and living in Metro Manila. The project had two phases: commercial and institutional. In the commercial phase, PCF produced two songs with special social messages for the youth: "That Situation," a disco tune sung by Lea Salonga and the Menudo, a Puerto Rican pop group; and "I Still Believe," a love song sung by Lea and Charlie Masso, an ex-Menudo. The songs were released and promoted by Octoarts International, a Philippine recording company. Two music television videos (MTVs) were produced and aired on prime time as support materials. In the institutional phase, the two songs and their messages were linked to a mass media campaign, telephone counseling hotlines called Dial-A-Friend, and a referral network of some 40 school-based, as well as private and government agencies and professionals, composed of clinical psychologists, family, child and adolescent therapists, and marriage counselors. Music, print, television/radio advertising, telephone lines and referral centers -- these were the major components of the Young People's Project. The project gave PCF a chance to experiment on the use of mass media as a means to communicate responsible sexual behavior messages to thousands of young Filipinos, not only in Metro Manila but also in other key cities in the Philippines like Baguio, Cebu and Davao. In 1990, the Young People's Project focused on the Dial-A-Friend hotline counseling service, an integral part of the project's institutional phase. It aimed to promote responsible adolescent behavior among Filipino teenagers and young adults by providing timely intervention to problems facing the youth. From its launching in June 1988 to its final month in July 1990, the Dial-A-Friend telephone counseling service received a total of 25,624 calls.