News - SRHR in the Perspective of Islam

The Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) completed its PCPD-funded project entitled, "Alternative Streams: Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the Perspective of Islam". This project helped enrich the understanding of 1800 Muslims in selected areas of the provinces of South Cotabato, Saranggani, and General Santos on SRHR.

A core of community advocates in each province, with at least 15 members, were formed to advance SRHR concerns and the interest of Muslim communities, particularly of women and youth in local development efforts.

SRHR was promoted through community dialogues and information materials such as posters, factsheets and radio spots. 

The project also published the Guidelines to the National FATWA on Reproductive Health and Family Planning.  (To download a copy, visit the online library at

This project demonstrated how a better understanding of population issues among a marginalized group of Muslims can influence development planning and reproductive health care delivery at the community level.