News - RH ROCKS! Concert Dec 9, QC Circle

The country's hottest rock bands and veteran performers will gather for a free concert in support of the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill on the eve of Human Rights Day, December 9, 2008, Tuesday at the Liwasang Aurora, QC Memorial Circle (fronting Philcoa and Commonwealth Ave) from 6 pm to 12 midnight.

Titled “RH Rocks!” and celebrating with the theme “RH is a Human Right” the concert features Sandwich, Lolita Carbon, Sugarfree, Noel Cabangon, Imago, Chikoy Pura, Itchyworms, Skarlet, Pedicab, Susan Fernandez, Duster, Cambio, Peryodiko, Bob and Anya, ZoneOne, Wandering Dew, FMD, Jeepney Joyride and more.

The RH Bill, also known as HB 5043 mandates government to  help  couples, especially those who are poor, to achieve  their desired family size by providing information, medicines and reproductive health and family planning services. The RH Bill advocates informed choice for couples on both natural and modern family planning methods and aims to provide age-appropriate adolescent sexuality and reproductive health education. 

“The constitution guarantees freedom of choice, the right to health, and the right to education. People have the right to be informed. We deserve no less than an informed choice regarding our bodies. Our children deserve no less than the truth about the facts of life and health,” says Vin Dancel, lead vocalist of Peryodiko.

Katwo Puertollano, Duster vocalist, says, “The RH bill, if passed, can be a chance for us to shine in this critical point in our history where the demands of our current generation put an incredible strain on our natural resources and the over-density of population renders the government incapable of providing the basic needs of the population.”

The support of these performers comes in the wake of highly respected artists like Lea Salonga and Lisa Macuja-Elizalde who have expressed their support for the RH Bill.

In the November issue of Marie Claire, Salonga says:  “I want every Filipino woman empowered with information regarding all options available regarding family planning. I want every Filipina to be armed with the right education regarding their bodies in the context of sex and reproduction; to exercise their free will in ensuring the quality of life based on their own personal, religious and moral convictions and belief; and to have a fighting chance at a better life.”  

Elizabeth Angsioco, general secretary of the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN), a network of 40 NGOs and people’s organizations and co-organizer of the concert along with the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD), said that the bands and performers enthusiastically committed to the concert because they believe in the importance of the RH bill especially where it concerns the youth. 

“The delay in the passage of the RH bill increases the vulnerability of our young people to risky sexual behaviors, sexual abuses, teen-age pregnancy and its possible life-threatening complications, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. We cannot close our eyes to the fact that more and more young people are getting sexually active. They need to be empowered by learning to make intelligent decisions so they become more responsible with their actions including on matters pertaining to sexuality and relationships,” Angsioco said.

“RH Rocks!” is supported by the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), Frenzy Condoms, Government of Quezon City, the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD), Jam 88.3 and NU 107. For more information, please call 927-1766 or click on