News - POP-I Video Contest: Eye Popping Population Info Videos

Will you burn in hell if you use contraceptives? With so many people in the Philippines, how can you get a job?


These are the two questions that will boggle your mind as you give popdev a second thought. And why not? Population and development, like math, is found in every nitty gritty aspect of our daily life.


    * When you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, finding a rather sad drip-drip from the fully-opened faucet.

    * When you read the newspaper and scowl at the progress of finding justice for the Maguindanao massacre victims.

    * When you ride the jeepney and pass by shanties that fellow Filipinos call home.

    * When you walk the streets and see kids who should be in school but are working instead.

    * When you open your FB account and see a post on sorry health statistics of our country (read: there were only nine hospital beds for every 10,000 Filipinos as of 2007!)

    * When a friend seeks your help in finding work and you wonder why she can’t find any, even though she’s a degree holder and way too qualified for any decent job.

    * When you surf the Net, stumble across an article where Bishops claim condoms are porous, get amused and shake your head. 


These are only some of several popdev stories that you can translate into a 30 to 90 second video. Upload your entry/entries to your Youtube account and you might just win a Flip video camera in MULAT PINOY POP-I VIDEO CONTEST: Eye-popping population info videos.  Learn more about popdev and the Pop-I video contest! Visit 




Regina Layug-Rosero
Project Coordinator, Mulat Pinoy

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