News - Fellowship grants for media practitioners, now available

Last August 28, 2010, MulatPinoy launched Fellowship Grants for media practitioners. This program provides Filipino media with the opportunity to present a balanced view of population and development issues, through a discussion on intergenerational poverty, the development of human capital and the domino effect these factors have on the Filipino population. The fellowship hopes to provide an understanding on the policies, reactions from various sectors and the human faces behind the issue. It is conducted by the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. (PMFI), with the support of the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD).

Population dynamics influence all aspects of human, social, and economic development.  As such, working on population issues is an important step towards achieving sustainable development and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.  Research shows that planning family sizes and responsible parenthood are ways to break the cycle of poverty. It also leads to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate and the improvement of reproductive health, and therefore improving the country’s conditions for sustainable development. On the other hand, there are also those who believe the size and growth of the population has no relation to development; that poverty is a cause of corruption and an uneven distribution of wealth, and not because of the increasing number of people.

Selected media fellows will be given the opportunity to receive technical and financial support to create media output on the topic.  The media piece may be in the form of an article, photo essay, documentary, video report, investigative piece, radio feature, podcast, online video, public service announcement or info graphic. 

Selected Fellows shall undergo the following activities:

·         Financial support up to P25,000 to cover full and/or partial expenses for the creation of the media output

·         Technical support from PMFI and PCPD in terms of resource persons, information, mentors, etc.

·         Coverage and publishing/airing of stories on the issue in their own media outfit (September-October 2010)

·         Closing Forum to present and evaluate the published and broadcasted segments (November 2010). (Fellows from outside Metro Manila may be provided with round-trip travel to the closing workshop venue)