News - Business groups support population and development initiative

The roundtable discussion on Population and Development: From Consensus to Action spearheaded by PCPD and INCITEGov on April 29, 2008, gathered the support of business organizations like the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Lopez Group Foundation, Pascual Laboratories, Inc., Wallace Business Forum, Bank of Philippine Island (BPI) and the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP).   Speaking before the business groups, Dr. Ernesto Pernia of UP and a Trustee of PCPD emphasized the importance of having an effective population policy in the country.  According to him, “Central to the population issue are the negative externalities of sustained high fertility on economic growth, inequality and poverty, and the environment. These, plus the fact that women, especially those from poor households, are having more children than their desired number constitute strong grounds from an unambiquous national population policy.”  The business groups recommended two concrete actions to push for this policy, namely: to launch an effective communications campaign on population and development, and to harness champions on popdev issues from the religious groups.